Boston Wrap Up

This month I visited Boston, for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised.

As probably one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United States, Boston has a lot of interesting things to offer and do. While I knew beforehand that Boston was not a very large town, I was surprised by it’s town feeling. This definitely adds to the character and beauty of Boston and is also why I would suggest to visit Boston not in a short stay (2-3 days) but give yourself a week or two to really discover the city.

1. Things to do

The definite go to’s that I would recommend are: Read more

Niagara Falls Wrap Up

This past month I attended the Canadian Imaging Conference, for the first time, at Niagara Falls.

I had never before been to Niagara Falls before and I must admit that it both amazed and disappointed me. The falls itself are stunning and amazing to watch from close by as from afar. It is also a great walkway alongside the river and the best view is definitely from the Canadian side. But this is also the most commercialised side of the 2, although most told me that the Canadian side is the best one I can only partially agree. For me the US side is more authentic and has a more natural atmosphere.

When driving up to Niagara Falls, I made a short stop in Toronto as I said I would do in my Toronto wrap-up. Therefor this list will mainly be about Niagara Falls but will also include a couple mentions from Toronto.

1. Things to do

The definite go to’s that I would recommend are: Read more

2014 Wrap-Up

What a year it has been, it was not a real eventful year here on my blog (which I will definitely improve next year) but some great things did happen both personally as well as professionally for me in 2014. Read more

Bangkok Wrap Up

This week, I returned from a 2 week trip to Bangkok, Thailand. My very first time flying to Asia and I must admit that it was a great first introduction to the continent. Off course you have to look past the smog and the extremely busyness of the city, but the culture and the friendliness of the people is almost unmatched and a breath of fresh air when living in Europe.

1. Things to see

First things first, if someone walks up to you and tells you that the monument or temple is closed this is a LIE. These are scammers trying to take you to places where you don’t want to go, just keep walking to the entrance and you will see that it is open. Having this important warning out-of-the-way we can continue with the list.

Without a doubt you have to go and visit the historic center and it’s temples. My top places you should try to visit when you are there are: