Professional Photographers of Canada

Nick De Clercq earns PPOC Accreditation

I am extremely proud to announce that I am officially a PPOC accredited photographer!

On February 7-8th I earned an Accreditation in Architectural after a series of my architectural work passed a juried process at the Accreditation judging session in London, Ontario.

With only 16 other photographers across Canada, 1 of them being in Atlantic Canada, and NO OTHER photographer in the Nova Scotia accredited in this category I am deeply humbled.

What is the PPOC?

Founded in 1946, the PPOC is a national association of photographers with the vision “to be Canada’s leaders in developing and maintaining the highest level of photographic excellence”. The PPOC connects photographers from across Canada, and inspires excellence through exposure to a diverse range of photographic techniques, while providing national competitions as a pinnacle of achievement.

So what does it mean to be accredited?

Professional Photographers must have an Read more

2014 Wrap-Up

What a year it has been, it was not a real eventful year here on my blog (which I will definitely improve next year) but some great things did happen both personally as well as professionally for me in 2014. Read more

Wabi-Sabi Architecture

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph one of the homes designed by late architect Eddy Francois in one of his favorite styles: Wabi-Sabi.

I can honestly say that this property has one of the most special designs that I had the opportunity of photographing. The interior and exterior flow perfectly into one another, which is largely due to Read more

Qualified European Photographer (QEP)

With a lot of pride I am able to say that on June 8th I was awarded as one of the youngest photographers, and the youngest Belgian, the title and quality label of Qualified European Photographer (QEP) at the QEP-judging session held in Riga, Latvia. I am also merely the 3th Belgian and 18th European photographer who is awarded this QEP-title in the category Architecture.

QEP Certificate Nick De Clercq


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Bangkok Wrap Up

This week, I returned from a 2 week trip to Bangkok, Thailand. My very first time flying to Asia and I must admit that it was a great first introduction to the continent. Off course you have to look past the smog and the extremely busyness of the city, but the culture and the friendliness of the people is almost unmatched and a breath of fresh air when living in Europe.

1. Things to see

First things first, if someone walks up to you and tells you that the monument or temple is closed this is a LIE. These are scammers trying to take you to places where you don’t want to go, just keep walking to the entrance and you will see that it is open. Having this important warning out-of-the-way we can continue with the list.

Without a doubt you have to go and visit the historic center and it’s temples. My top places you should try to visit when you are there are: