Nova Scotia Wrap Up

These past 3 weeks, I was in Nova Scotia, Canada. A great place to go and unwind and photograph the vast nature that is still present. While Nova Scotia might seem,  to most travelers outside of Canada, as a province with nothing to do, but it is home to 2 national parks, one of the most beautiful trails in the world and the Bay of Fundy that has the highest tidal range in the world. Nova Scotia also has the highest number lighthouses of any province in Canada, which is amazing as it is the second smallest province of Canada.

1. Lighthouses to see

As Nova Scotia has the most lighthouses in Canada, you certainly have to go out and visit some of the most notable lighthouses.

2. What else to see

3. Restaurant to go

Wild Caraway Restaurant & Café – This restaurant serves great food at affordable prizes and was awarded the restaurant of the year award in 2012. The type of kitchen can best be described as the owners say it:

Our experience in restaurants in Australia, London, Ireland and Canada has shown us that the best meals are made with the food found literally in our own backyards. Lobster, scallops, goose-tongue greens, humanely raised pork as well as garden vegetables and herbs travel the short distance from our backyard or the harbour across the street to your plate.

Lighthouse keeper’s kitchen at Cape D’Or — The location alone makes it worth a visit right on the cliff at Cape D’Or Lighthouse and serving fresh delicious seafood. Probably one of the top-3 seafood chowders I have eaten in my life.

Montana’s Cookhouse – If you love ribs then this is definitely the spot for you. They serve delicious pork ribs that are cooked to perfection and are as they say themselves finger-licking good.

Want to find more great restaurants have a look at the Taste of Nova Scotia website.

4. Getting there

If you want to see the sights in and around Nova Scotia you will have to rent a car, there is no better option.


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