3 FEP Awards

Today I received my 3 FEP awards from the hands of the FEP President, Jørgen Brandt.

I won these 3 FEP awards with my series of architectural photos in one of the most important professional photography competitions of this moment, the “European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards”. The award ceremony was held in the beautiful town of Gmunden, Austria by the Federation of European Photographers (FEP), during the “Gmunden Fototage”.

I won these awards just a few months after having been accepted as a recognised professional photographer and this in a competition with entries from over 29 countries. I won a Bronze Camera Awards with my series, a Gold Award Single Image and a Bronze Awards Single Image.

Nick De Clercq Photography – www.nickdeclercq.com
FEP – www.europeanphotographers.eu
NVB – www.beroepsfotografen.be

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