Toronto Wrap Up

This post is a continuation of the Blue Mountain wrap-up.

As previously mentioned, I booked a quick trip to Canada last month and ended up staying in Blue Mountain and Toronto, Ontario. Having never been to either destinations I must admit it are definitely 2 places I will return to one day. In this part I will list up some of things in Toronto.

Start by downloading the See Toronto app. This is a very useful application that provides tips on things to see and do including easy-to-search event, dining, attractions and shopping listings, as well as the distance from your location to the spot.

1. Things to do

Two definite go to’s that I would recommend are:

  • The CN Tower, which is the tallest free-standing structure in the western hemisphere and therefore Toronto’s most iconic attraction/building. There are 3 view levels, the highest is the sky-pod and you have to pay a bit extra for that but it is definitely worth going up.
  • The Royal Ontario Museum, or ROM, is a must go even if it is just to see the glass pyramid-like outside. Inside you can find 40+ galleries going from korean/chinees/native american/canadian history, archeological finds to wildlife, art deco, european history and many more. A good tip to know, because of the wide range of galleries and the child-friendly environments the museum attracts a lot of parents with kids on the weekends.
  • Go and enjoy a game of your choice of the Toronto Raptors, Maple Leafs or Blue Jays. As I am a basketballer I choice to go see the Raptors play against the Pacers. As they are the only Canadian team currently in the NBA this was a very different experience then the other NBA games I have seen.

2. Shopping

As Toronto can get really cold in the winter, this is an ideal destination if you would like to go shopping. There are 2 main shopping areas.

  • First you have PATH, which is downtown Toronto’s underground walkway linking 28 kilometres of shopping, services and entertainment. If you follow PATH, then you’ll reach your downtown destination easily, if you don’t get lost off course, in a weatherproof environment. Most important tip here is don’t get lost.
  • Secondly you have the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood, which is more of a chic, haute couture shopping area. The neighbourhood is also internationally recognized as one of the top ten shopping destinations, and is often compared to Fifth Avenue in New York, Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, and Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

There are more than enough shops to find whatever you are looking for.

3. Restaurant to go

These are off course the one that I went to and enjoyed, there is much more that I past I will be trying next time.

  • Horizons — While this isn’t the best dining experience, there isn’t a lot that can top the view of the brasserie within the CN Tower outlook. They also make a very decent burger.


  • Hard Rock Cafe Toronto  — While I’m not the biggest fan of loud music, Hard Rock Cafe has always attracted me and don’t seem to be able to pas one without dropping in and eating something. As usual I ordered too much food to begin with and ended up completely stuffed but also as usual it was a blast to eat there! I had the hickory BBQ bacon burger that was to die for, a burger as it should taste. It’s definitely a great place to have some fun while eating great food.


  • The Keg  — If you are looking for a great steak then the Keg Steakhouse is always a great choice.


4. Where to stay

Fairmont Royal York Hotel — This is one of the former Canadian Pacific Hotels that Fairmont bought. The biggest advantage that alsmost all former Canadian Pacific Hotels have is that they are located near/across from a train station, and in the centre of the city or within a short walking distance. In this case, the hotel is located in the middle of the Financial District, right next to the Entertainment district which is home to the Toronto Raptors, Maple Leafs, Blue Jays and the CN Tower.


5. Getting there

When flying in it depends of the airport. International flights land on Toronto Pearson International Airport and the taxi’s have a flat-rate (around 68 dollars) to anywhere downtown Toronto. The other option if flying nationally is landing on the Toronto City Airport on Toronto Island it is just a ferry crossing from downtown.

The public transportation within the Toronto area is fantastic for about 3 dollars you are able to go from one spot to the other, this includes all public transportation when using the fastest route. So if you are like me and like to go downtown in the morning and walk around and then go back in the evening, you are able to do this for under 10 dollars.

I will definitely be returning to Toronto, but it will probably be at the end of spring or in summer.

Have a nice saterday!

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