Blue Mountain Wrap Up (part 1/2)

Last month, I booked a quick trip to Canada to unwind and ended up staying in Blue Mountain and Toronto, Ontario. Having never been to either destinations I must admit it are definitely 2 places I will return to one day. In this part 1 I will list up Blue Mountain.

1. Things to do

As Blue Mountain is the only real ski resort in close proximity of Toronto it is definitely a busy weekend destination, good thing I arrived after the weekend and left just before the next weekend. 2 very important facts about this resort:

  • Blue Mountain is not a ski mountain but more a ski hill, which is perfect to learn or get reacquainted with your skis or snowboard
  • It is also mainly a weekend/day destination to ski, and therefore the things to do are limited.

2. Snacks

Royal Majesty Espresso Bar Bakery — This a very European establishment  that’s probably because it was opened by a German and an Italian. They serve a great coffee with very typical european pastries. From a well-baked French croissant to a Brownie or a Croque Monsieur, which is called a Paris melt.

3. Restaurant to go

Magnone’s Italian Kitchen — This Italian restaurant is definitely a fine dining spot. Their menu is short, but not to short, and most dishes use variations with the same fresh ingredients. Everything from the reception, service to the food was amazing. I will definitely be returning next time I’m in the village. Even in the 4 days that I was at Blue Mountain, I found myself ending up in the restaurant 3 times.

4. Getting there

From Toronto you have 2 options:

  • The most affordable option is taking the Greyhound bus from downtown Toronto to Blue Mountain.
  • Using a shuttle service to pick you up anywhere in the Toronto area and take you to Blue Mountain (This will easily cost you 175 dollars)

The Toronto Wrap Up (part 2) will be up in a few days.

Have a nice sunday!

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