Today I launched my website. After a lot of  thinking, drawing, testing, changing, … I was finally happy with the result and launched the site.


My name is Nick De Clercq, I am a 20 years old and from Ghent, Belgium. Which is according to National Geographic: the third most authentic, historic city in the world. So definitely a place to visit if you ever have the chance.

I grew up with the USA and Canada as my second home, every chance we got, we would fly away to the USA and Canada. Mostly to Florida, California, British Colombia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, … and I can’t seem to stay away.

All of my spare time goes to my passions: my company, my sport (basketball), photography/video, my dog and last but definitely not least traveling. These will also be the themes of this blog combined with some everyday observations.

What to expect?

I am not going to promise that I will be posting a blog everyday probably not even monthly, but I will be posting my experiences that I find worth mentioning.

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