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Nick De Clercq is a Belgium & Canada (NS) based accredited photographer specialising in photography for architects, interior designers, luxury real estate brokerages, luxury resort and hotel industry, tourism industry, as well as landscape photography. Read more …

Architectural & Interior Photography

Real Estate Photography

Landscape & Travel Photography


Discretion, confidentiality and respect are the key in our business. Nick always keeps these keywords in mind and will never share the information entrusted to him.


Nick has traveled across the world on photography assignment, delivered thousands of photos, and worked with a large variety of clients. Recent destinations include Bangkok, Toronto, Mallorca, Halifax, Salzburg, …


Nick is one of the youngest Europeans, and the youngest Belgian, to have been awarded the title of Qualified European Professional Photographer (QEP) by the Federation of European Photographers (FEP). Discover his series of 12 photos here.


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Calendar 2016 - Nick De Clercq Photography - B&W

Calendar 2016

Happy New Year my friends, I wish all of you the absolute best…
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Boston Wrap Up

This month I visited Boston, for the first time, and was pleasantly…